Day Eight. Progress!

STATS: The pants and widest point measure is obviously still the same but I lose 1.7 kilos/3.75 lbs! YAY! Check out the stats page for more details.
Breakfast was yogurt with strawberries and a cup of coffee. Not great but I didn´t have the energy for more of an effort.

Lunch was two pieces of toast with a piece of cheese in half, some chopped onions and salami. Basically a sandwich 😀

A little bit of a downfall in that I had a fika with a friend and had a mocha, they forgot to ask if I wanted whip so it was served to me that way. At that point there wasn´t much I could do. Wasn´t going to be rude and send it back. I might be half turnip by now. 😀

Today´s dinner recipe was Grilled Steak with Chimichurri. The modifications I made were that I didn´t have steak but we did have pork shoulder that I cut into strips. I left everything to marinate in the morning and I have noticed that we have dinner later now. Around 6pm and sometimes even 7pm instead of 5pm. I made the chimichurri and it was very tasty. And as a side we had cilantro-basil-red onion-lime rice. I kinda threw whatever we already had chopped on hand into the cilantro lime recipe from day one.

Snacks in between have been fruit with today being a satsuma and a kiwi.


How I´m feeling: Exhausted. We´ve been working hard on apartment stuff and it wasn´t great timing to do all of that and deal with this clean eating thing. Cooking and cleaning all the time is a lot of work.


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